Tensei Seijo ni Isekai Slow Life 転生聖女の異世界スローライフ 転生聖女の異世界スローライフ ~奇跡の花を育てたら、魔法騎士に溺愛されました~


Megumi, a high school student, loses her life when she is run over by a truck while helping a flower shop. Aureola, a goddess of another world, stood in front of the awakened Megumi, and another girl, Suria, who is standing beside Megumi. She was a human being in the world created by Aureola, and she was attacked by a dangerous demon and lost her life. Aureola asks Megumi to purify the world of the demon beast and to reincarnate as Suria for that purpose. Her purification method is "Do what you like and be happy!" Aureola reincarnates her into another world by telling Megumi (Suria) who she likes flowers, "Grow flowers and be happy if your heart is filled. Then you can purify the world." Her awakened Suria (Megumi) is worshiped as a saint, and the flowers she grows are touted as miracle flowers. Can Suria, who spends her leisurely growing flowers and enjoying her second life, really be purifying the world...?!