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もふもふと楽しむ無人島のんびり開拓ライフ ~VRMMOでぼっちを満喫するはずが、全プレイヤーに注目されているみたいです~【7話】- サイコー漫画Raw

もふもふと楽しむ無人島のんびり開拓ライフ ~VRMMOでぼっちを満喫するはずが、全プレイヤーに注目されているみたいです~


The carefree live streaming life of a gamer boy who plays at his own pace and a healed young wolf! Full-dive VRMMO "Iris Revolution Online" -- commonly known as IRO.Shota Ise (Show), a high school student with anxiety disorder, chooses a deserted island as his starting point after exploring the map in order to play IRO solo.He was enjoying cultivating a deserted island at his own pace, but when he got involved in a club activity in high school, he decided to stream the process of cultivating it as a live video with his shy classmate Mion and Lupi, the young wolf he rescued on the island. .The live video posted by Sho and his friends quickly spread, attracting the attention of many IRO players who were unaware of deserted island areas and cultivation skills.


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