I Will Sell Myself to the Margrave 生贄として捨てられたので、辺境伯家に自分を売ります 生贄として捨てられたので、辺境伯家に自分を売ります~いつの間にか聖女と呼ばれ、溺愛されていました~


"I've had enough of being oppressed! When she sells herself to the family of a border count, she is called a saint...!"Tsundere x love love x reversal of fortune!Luana, the bastard daughter of a family of mages, was treated coldly by her family. One day, she is sold to the family of a frontier count on the front line of battle against demonic beasts...But she still doesn't want to die on someone else's orders.In fact, Luana has a secret she hasn't told anyone.... I don't know if this will help, but it is the only weapon I have!Since the day she first stood on the battlefield with Sieg, the son of a border count's family, she has been called a "saint"!A realistic romantic comedy with a tsundere son!