Yet They Call Her The Last Boss お前のような初心者がいるか! 不遇職『召喚師』なのにラスボスと言われているそうです


Although she is just a beginner, Yohan finds out a VRMMO is having a collaboration event with an animated series called "Bachimon". Since she used to love that series as a kid, she decides to start playing the game. And of course, she chooses "summoner" as her occupation!While loving and admiring her long-missed Bachimon, she plays the collab event over and over and over again...and after all of that, she earns the last boss's equipment?!Now that Yohan can use all of the summoning beast's skills for herself, she even makes friends with the boss of her class?! And after bursting onto the scene, this impossibly strong newbie unknowingly starts rising through the ranks!