ROAD59-新時代任侠特区- 少女と血のサカズキ



Tenkai Ward, Tokyo. Yuzu Mangaya is a high school girl who is all alone in the world. As she struggles to live alone in a neighborhood with a high crime rate, Yanagi Bakuto of the Harugumo-gumi, a yakuza group in Tenkai Ward, appears before her. Bakuto informs her of the death of Kanayas father and invites her to the funeral. Her father was the boss of the Harugumo-gumi. Kanaya, who dislikes her father, declines, but for some reason, other yakuza members target her! As Bakuto stands in front of the enemies, his tattoos light up and he uses his superhuman strength to drive them away! A lonely girl and lonely men set out! A supernatural battle for justice!