バナザは別世界から勇者として召喚されたが、なんと初期レベルの能力の低さから勇者失格の烙印を押されてしまう。だが、手違いで元の世界に帰ることもできずやむなく異世界で暮らすことに。ある日、森でスライムを倒してレベルアップし“レベル2”になったバナザは、ステータスが「∞」となっているのを発見し……!? 「小説家になろう」発、チートな異世界スローライフが開幕! Banaza, who was summoned to the magic kingdom of Cryroad as a Hero candidate, was disqualified as a Hero because of his ordinary abilities. He was supposed to be returned to his original world, but due to the magical kingdom’s mistake, he became unable to return to his original world. However, the moment he reached Level 2, he acquired every single possible skill and kind of magic, turning him into a super cheat with infinite skills! Despite this, he takes Fenris of the demons as his wife, and fully enjoys his newly-married life with an easygoing smile. He changes his name to Fulio and tries to lead his life quietly, but things are a bit chaotic with the likes of a pet saber, four freeloading female knights, a Majin, and even an ex-Demon Lord. However, even with all of this chaos, he still manages to enjoy his life peacefully.