I Decided to Secretly Go to Work お飾り王妃になったので、こっそり働きに出ることにしました お飾り王妃になったので、こっそり働きに出ることにしました ~うさぎがいるので独り寝も寂しくありません!~ 이름뿐인 왕비가 되었기에


I'm a decorative wife... I love being a waiteress during the day and the fluffy rabbit at night!Roceline has been married to King Sieghart Luberia for half a year and has become a "decorative queen" without being touched during that time. That is because Sieghart is cursed and can't spend the night together! Not knowing that, Line doted the rabbit who came to her bed every night, and by chance she decided to work as a waitress at a restaurant in the downtown area?!