勇者になって魔王を倒せば、ぐうたらな生活が待っている――!! そう信じ、日夜努力を重ね成果をあげていた青年・ジレイ。しかし、魔王を倒した勇者こそ激務と知った彼は手のひらクルーっと隠遁。日々を怠惰に過ごそう…と願うも、それまでジレイが“いつのまにか”救っていた少女たちが、彼の心と身体を射止めようと次々と押し寄せてきて……!? If you become a hero and defeat the Demon King, a life of idleness awaits you…! This is what the young man Jirei believed, and he worked hard day and night to achieve his goal. However, when he found out that the heroes who defeated the Demon King were the ones who were doing all the hard work, he ran away. But the girls that Jirei had been saving on his journeys before he knew it came pouring in one after another to win his heart and body…?